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Getz Pharma
Client Name: Getz Pharma
Project: D-Sight App
Industry: Healthcare Sector
Technology: Backend Services Dot Net, Native Android Mobile Application, Java and Xml, API Implementation,
Native IOS Mobile Application, Language Swift, Auto Lay-Out

Getz Pharma is an international research-driven, branded generic pharmaceutical company specializing in the formulation development, manufacturing, testing and marketing of a wide range of quality, affordable medicines. It manufactures and market brands trusted by healthcare professionals around the world. Getz Pharma is the only company whose manufacturing facility is in Pakistan and approved by the World Health Organization, Geneva (WHO) and its Quality Control Laboratory is also the first and only in Pakistan to have been Pre-qualified and approved by WHO.

Additionally, its manufacturing facility is the first and only, in Pakistan, certified and approved by a member country of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S), which comprises more than 50 participating authorities, including US FDA and European Medicines Agency, among others.

Getz Pharma currently operates in more than 25 countries in South Asia, Central Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. IMS rates Getz Pharma as the fastest growing pharmaceutical company within most countries where it operates.

The gap in the pharmaceutical industry between the workforce management and efficient operations is huge and it can be only filled through the efficient Medical Representative Tracking system. Getz pharma was facing a lot of troubles and efforts to manage and keep a check on activities of its field force like medical rep visit planning, sales rep tracking, mobile accessibility, distribution management and sharing of monthly plans. In Pharma Industry, medical reps have to visit multiple doctors or retailers on daily basis, also they have to carry lot of papers which helps them to showcase during their meeting and it is also harder for the marketing heads to know the feedbacks since they have to wait for the entire day to get the feedbacks and process it. According to Getz Pharma, managing visits & improve field force productivity are the major issues which should be addressed so KalSoft’s technical experts came up with a solution based on Native application (iOS and Android) named D-Sight.

Our proposed solution was based on Native application (iOS and Android) named D-Sight. It has online and offline solution for Medical Representatives. Offline data will be saved locally in internal memory of mobile phone in SQLite database. It enables Medical Sales representatives to enter all the details of their visits to a particular doctor. Sales personnel can enter the names of the medication they have sold, the time of their meeting with the physician, the quantity of a particular medication ordered etc. which enables them to keep a track of details of their visits. The app also provides the medical representative with other operational services as well. This helps streamline the sales operations and gives the Admin/Sales Manager the insight into overall sales performance. The entire data capturing system is automated and based on the information received from the tracker device, so there can be no chance of manual errors or misinterpretations. The medical reps can use this information when they are providing details regarding their attendance and amount of work done.

  • The agents are notified with the tasks and successful delivery of the pharmacy products are done on time, with the efficient driver app
  • The dashboard tracks all the agents, the deliveries as well as the pickups and help in seamless operations of the Getz Pharma
  • Real-time reporting of Field & Sales force
  • Maximized Productivity
  • Reduce Paper works
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Effective Utilization of assets
  • Plan vs Progress status report
  • Professional way of showcasing products
  • Ensures Quality of work
  • Improves Productivity

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